Nice of you to stop by. I hope you enjoy my blog.  Why not join me for a weekly lesson in your inbox? Sign on.

Nice of you to stop by. I hope you enjoy my blog.  Why not join me for a weekly lesson in your inbox? Sign on.

Doing and Being

Doing and Being

Sometimes I take my journal out on the patio first thing in the morning and sit with a cup of tea listening as my mind rambles all over the place, before it finally starts picking on me for not doing enough. Seriously.

Here’s a sampling of my mind ramblings: Why don’t moths fly to the moonlight?  Where does conscious awareness go when the mind is tangled up in some fictitious rambling? Why is it so hard to be disciplined? I want more daily practices that matter; more daily practices that add value. I need to be more organized and schedule things into my day. (See how it all started out innocently, then turned to something entirely different?)

And then I begin my habit of list-making:
gardening/house cleaning/cooking/shopping
computer work

And I virtually fill my day with activities that are important to me. Things I love.
Things I need to get done. Soon there is such a long list of activities, there aren’t enough hours in a day to tend to them all.

But then the sun rises in the morning mist to a full chorus of birdsong & traffic sounds. I notice that the sound of the highway seems louder day by day. I hear orioles, brown thrashers, robins, red-winged blackbirds, house finches, wrens, bluebirds. I hear a nest of fledglings nearby in the wildwood. They go into a feeding frenzy every time an adult comes near. They sound like an angry nest of cicadas.

The black-eyed Susans and burgundy red lilies are opening against a backdrop of periwinkle delphiniums and deep fuchsia bee balm. The lavender, now in full bloom, is just starting its decline.

Quite the little Shangri-La! This is why I don’t fill my entire day with disciplines!

And tell me, what discipline, what activity could be more important than this? Than getting all this?

I love my mornings just the way they are. I love rising with my man, coming out on the patio for a few stretches, watch the morning blossom, drink it in like a tonic. This is what all my practices have always been about. Being here NOW, cultivating this kind of awareness, presence, waking up. Receiving this gift of beauty/love/life before it passes.

What matters is being fully alive.

What matters is listening well and embodying a high-level consciousness, awareness, love and appreciation.

A mourning dove coos. The anise hyssop is starting to blossom. And this came across my desk today:

Stop living your life and let your life be lived.
— Mooji

Did you ever try to document even a moment of mind-stuff? It can be an eye-opener! Becoming familiar with your mind patterns is an effective way to develop a bit of objectivity with them.

Listen to Yourself

Listen to Yourself