More than anyone I know, Jenifer seems to be able to quickly and effectively communicate a kind of warm blanket of relaxed everything-is-all-right-ness into a whole room of people. She doesn’t talk too much and she doesn’t talk too little. She is great on alignment and makes yoga acceptable and do-able. I say, Don’t miss a chance to work with this woman. She will make you richer!
— Bill Kirby
Smilingyogi, yoga studio in Stevens Point, WI with Jenifer Ebel


Watch for random gatherings in Central Wisconsin. To stay on top of what's going on, get on the mail list. Additionally, I would love to come to your gathering and can give anything from a short talk to a full class, or a weekend (or more) seminar on any suitable topic. If you're looking for a breakout session at your next conference, or a special program on stress management, I can put a program together geared specifically to your needs. I lead group classes in postures, breathing, contemplation, meditation, self-study, relaxation and more for all levels. Contact me and let's talk.

Smilingyogi, yoga with or without the poses with Jenifer Ebel

Private Instruction

Private sessions are great if you have specific issues you'd like to address. Sometimes the focus is on the physical practices, sometimes it's more on learning to use your life, complete with all its struggles and suffering, as spiritual practice. You can bring a few friends and have a semi-private session. This is a popular format for yoga teachers wanting mentoring. Contact me for details.