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I’m Jenifer Ebel and I teach yoga, with or without the poses. I believe there is nothing of more value than to improve our capacity for presence and consciousness.

My old yoga studio.

Yoga postures alone will have their way with you - physically,  mentally, emotionally and spiritually. But the practice of postures is a small part of a rich and full tradition. There are endless other practices you can engage in that will remove obstacles and bring you greater clarity and freedom from suffering.

We’re in the midst of some of the biggest changes of our lifetimes with enormous economic, political and ecological changes. The evening news and table conversations are filled with fear and uncertainty, anger and blame. How can we navigate these unknown waters without sacrificing our health and happiness?

Yoga is a little like gardening. You'll learn to recognize the "weeds" and stop feeding, watering and coddling them. After a while, the mind patterns start to lose their power over you and you become freer to be your authentic joyful self. The more you practice, the easier it gets.

If you are new to yoga, you will soon discover there are more ways to enter the practice than the physical practices. If you already have a regular practice of yoga postures you can take that practice to a whole new level and create a seamless practice on and off the mat. If you are teaching yoga, you will find support and inspiration in these additional practices and your teaching will come from a deeper understanding.

My blog points to a different way of seeing, perceiving and dealing with challenges. Shifts Happen! Sign on to join in the conversation. You will receive information on any upcoming events along with weekly posts, filled with guidance and accessible real-life inspiration on integrating the deeper teachings of yoga into your life.

I consider Jenifer to be a life long guide. Her spirit is deeply joyful and profoundly wise. I feel extremely safe in her presence.
— Dena Aronson


I've been studying and practicing yoga since 1972. After 20 years of study and sincere practice, I began my teacher trainings first at Kripalu (for heart, 500 hr+), then Iyengar (for precision) and Anusara (for joyful merging of heart, mind, body and spirit). I studied Sanskrit, ashtanga vinyasa and kundalini yoga, and Zen and advaita with teachers like Francis Lucille, Cherie Huber, and Byron Katie, and The American Sanskrit Institute. I ran a yoga studio in central Wisconsin for 15 years.

The yoga I know and share is a composite of every teacher I’ve studied with, all the great original yoga texts I’ve studied and my own direct experience. I closed my studio in 2008. Now I share via this site and random gatherings.What drew me to yoga, and ultimately what motivated me in my practice was the promise of freedom from internal struggles and mental anguish. Yoga is the silver lining in the cloud of despair that enveloped me when I was young, trying to make sense of the world.

Jenifer Ebel, yoga teacher, yoga teacher mentor.
Smilingyogi meditation cushion, singing bowl.
Jenifer clearly understands the physical, spiritual and psychological implications of yoga and is able to transfer this knowledge in a personal and intelligent manner. Her ability to connect one on one with her students is her special trademark.
— Allen Lang